This webshop is not quite what it seems. I don’t want to sell cello without getting to know you first. So that beautiful Mirecourt cello , you can not put it in your shopping cart and checkout. Sorry. First I’d like to meet you and see you handling the instrument. That you compare cello’s and see where the right connection is, with which cello you want to learn and improve yourself, for years to come.

When you visit my studio, we will not only look at the right cello, but also at the best and most beautiful sounding bows, the right strings and soft- or hardcase, because yes, you should also try cello bows! You’ll hear how different they sound, on every cello, and how one bow is more comfortable in your hand and on your strings than the other, even if they have the same price.

With me in the studio in Amsterdam West or in Drenthe it’s not scary or anything.  There is no threshold as far as I am concerned. I will help you out; I like to be at your service and reading   the references you can see that people like that.

Come to me and I’ll see you ‘sitting’ behind the cello. I know the cello’s I sell because I play them while I’m teaching. I see what appeals to you and what you physically need while you try the cello’s and I know within ten minutes which ones I have to put down and which ones I don’t even have to let you try. In this way I shorten your path to finding the right cello. Because from that moment on, it’s a little bit like falling in love with a cello. And because that happened to me too, and I’m still inseparable from my English Thompson, I know it exists and is good.

Whenever you outgrow the cello you bought from me musically, I will see you again and exchange the cello for the instrument that suits your next phase. At purchase price if it is in the same condition. That’s a granite guarantee, isn’t it? That’s how I see most customers a second or third time. Yeah, sometimes until they end up at the conservatory. Conservatory or not, seeing my clients grow is great.


I’m Scarlett Arts, cellist and cello teacher. With clear advice we’ll find out which cello suits you.

I wasn’t looking for another cello at all when I saw ‘my’ cello lying on the grand piano in Musis Sacrum. My heart skipped a beat; I fell in love with it.
My teacher said, ‘Try it; I’m warming it up for someone else.’

How could it be any other way; it sounded the way it looked; I was in love. It felt good right away. This was him. This cello is ‘my’ cello. I was allowed to buy it and we’re inseparable.

Do you want to buy me a beautiful old or new cello? My best advice for you to choose is; follow your feelings.
What makes you happy? Trust your feelings, just like I did.

Haparandaweg 788A
1013 BD Amsterdam (Houthavens)


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