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Lessons with Scarlett Arts always provide new feedback. She pays attention to cunning habits and postures that prevent you from making the instrument sound better. You do study at home, but that’s only half the story; you do the rest at class: learning to relax even when it’s difficult, left and right. Dissect the passages yourself into manageable pieces so that you can continue practicing at home. What’s also important, she encourages you to write down instructions in your sheet music for stroke division – try out different fingerings – stroke speed divided over your bow (“I want to see notes”). Everything with an eye on where you want the music to go. And… she organises really fun, intensive and thorough workshops for groups. And what’s also very nice: she’s open to suggestions for pieces from your side.

Now for two years already with great pleasure lessons at Scarlett. Each lesson is incredibly instructive, but also fun. You immediately feel at ease at Scarlett. She gives clear tips and in the past two years I’ve grown a lot with my cello playing. Besides that she organizes several courses, so that besides your lesson you get the chance to play together with other, new techniques and to have a full day/weekend lesson with others. Highly recommended!

Good, personal and motivating lessons. Always had a lot of fun taking cello lessons with Scarlett!

At Scarlett you get professional lessons in a relaxed atmosphere. She always knows how to hit the right chord so you can move on. The studio is a great place to take lessons. The coffee is always ready! So don’t hesitate and take lessons at Scarlett!

Becoming enthusiastic?

I enjoyed the game night again. Scarlett regularly organizes instructive and fun courses and games together. Highly recommended.
<p>I enjoyed the game night again. Scarlett regularly organizes instructive and fun courses and games together. Highly recommended.</p>

Scarlett is a very fine and committed teacher!

After a long break of 12 years the courage gathered to take lessons again. With an enthusiastic and committed teacher like Scarlett this is a very good choice. Not only individual lessons but also playing together with other cellists is highly recommended! I’m not that good yet but by playing together I get motivated to continue.

Luckily, Scarlett gives cello lessons to all ages. I was already in my fifties when I met her because I wanted to teach cello on a beautiful old cello. She picked the right cello for me, just a bit smaller so that everything took less effort and didn’t feel so overwhelming. I live far away from Amsterdam but still I chose to take lessons with her. I didn’t dare to think that I would enjoy it so much. I myself think it’s going very well, partly because of Scarlett’s concrete instructions, and clear homework. I practice almost every day and it sounds like fun. Hopefully I can join a workshop soon. The Back to basics is the first one I’m going to sign up for. Exciting but still I can’t wait. Scarlett thank you. I should have done this ten years earlier.

Scarlett is patient and enjoys communicating the matter. At first I was at someone else’s class, but he was too fast. Scarlett adapts, sets the bar just high enough which makes the goal always achievable. Every lesson again. She gives a solid foundation and because of her I started playing so much better and with so much pleasure. A fine cello teacher is really very important, I was almost stopped by the previous teacher. She organizes a lot of activities and I like to participate.

I learned everything I know about the cello from Scarlett. Started over two years ago and still have a lot of fun with it. I really learn a lot in every lesson! Scarlett can explain very well and she immediately sees where and how things go wrong. When things get difficult she lets you look at the problems yourself, to see if you can come to a solution yourself. If it doesn’t work out, she helps with a lot of patience. The lessons are very enjoyable!

14 years old

Day reader. We had last Saturday and cello lessons with Scarlett and Koen. That was very nice and very instructive. I myself started late with lessons on a cello (47 years and so far 8 months of lessons). The beginner’s day of playing together was really a revelation. Playing the cello is still a real challenge and then also in a double quartet, starting right away, ending right away and the accents in the piece were and still are very challenging. I found it very enjoyable and instructive. I can really recommend it to everyone who started playing the cello.


Frequently asked questions

Are the lessons individual?
Yes the cello lessons are always individual.
How long does a lesson last?
A cello lesson for pupils aged about 16 years and over takes one hour and is always individual. For children and adolescents the lesson will be shorter; I will discuss this with the parent after a trial lesson.  Those who come from far away also choose for an hour and a half of lessons. This is only possible in consultation because of the schedule.
Wat kost een (proef)les?
That depends on who you’re with and where you’re planning a lesson. Scarlett and Koen have decades of experience as cello teachers, Lotte only a few years. That’s why Koen and Scarlett charge a higher rate for trial lessons and regular lessons. In Havelte the rate is also slightly lower than in Amsterdam.
Is there a notice period?
Till December 31st 2019 the lessons will be taken per four. From 1 January 2020 you take the lesson off each and you pay online or cash on lesson. So you’re not attached to anything.
Do I have to come at a fixed time and weekly?
No you determine your own frequency and moment with me. However, if you are a beginner then I prefer to see you practically every week for the first 8 lessons. This to make a good motivating start. After that some people go back to bi-weekly lessons.
Can I reschedule or cancel my lesson?
Yes, that’s up to 72 hours in advance. You cannot delete the appointment in the calendar yourself. You can email your cancellation or rescheduling to
Do I have to be your student to rent a cello?
No. Anyone can rent a cello from me. However, for non-pupils I charge a little more, i.e. € 35,00 per month, and my pupils rent per month, non-pupils per three months.
On what days can I make an appointment?
In Amsterdam on Thursday or Friday with me, Scarlett, and on Wednesday in Havelte, Drenthe.

In Amsterdam you can be helped on Saturdays by my colleagues Lotte or Koen.

Can I move my own lesson?
No, Scarlett does. You can email your cancellation or relocation to
Can you learn to play the cello later in life?
Sure! Most starters are over thirty, and regularly over fifty.

It has happened more than once that someone without any experience came to me to pick a cello, and after that also took the first cello lessons with me, and kept coming to lessons for years.

How much does a cello cost?
Cello’s come in many qualities and varieties. It starts a bit at € 1.699,00 but then there are often nice new strings, a stick and cover.  A beautiful old cello which is in good condition can often be found between € 3.900,00 and € 6.900,00. For the old small whole and 7/8e cello’s in which I have become a bit of a specialist, there are higher prices; these are very rare and think of € 6.500,00 to € 9.000,00.
Can I also buy a cello on installments?
Yes. This is possible. You can then divide the purchase amount by twelve and complete the purchase in the twelfth month.
Can I exchange my cello?
When you buy a cello from me you can exchange it for the same amount and continue to grow to a better cello again. This on the condition that the instrument is in the same condition as when you bought it. Customers often come back three times, start on one simple cello and end up with a beautiful cello by Marc Laberte or Atelier Robin, to name but a few beautiful builders. This is a granite price guarantee.
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