Do you want to book a lesson with me, Scarlett? I work on Thursdays and Fridays in Amsterdam. On Wednesdays I will start giving lessons in Velp in January 2022. You don’t know my schedule? Please contact me:

In this digital calender you can make an appointment for a cello lesson in Amsterdam. You are most welcome.  In Velp I will start teaching on Wednesday from January 2022 and in Amsterdam I am there physically on Thursday and Friday.


With my fellow teachers Koen, Lotte and Charlotte you are also very welcome! Koen & Lotte teach the cello two Saturdays and Tuesdays a month. Charlotte is teaching on Wednesday. Would you like to inquire whether you can come first or after the last placed student? I adjust my schedule if possible; send me a mail or message by phone or Whats-app.

Trial lesson

Do you want a trial lesson first? When you plan your trial lesson, I will contact you, give you more information and then see if you want the appointment to go ahead definitively. At ‘remarks’, write something about yourself as a cellist. Are you blank? Or have you played the cello before? I hope to see you!



The lessons will be paid for after scheduling via iDeal online per lesson. It is not possible to pay the lesson in cash.



Please note:

If you want to cancel your lesson then this 72 hours in advance should be done by sending an email to It is not possible to remove a booked lesson from the calendar by yourself. If you reschedule after your trial lesson you agree with the General Terms and Conditions that apply to cello lessons with me, Scarlett, as well as Koen, Lotte and Charlotte.
Your pre-scheduled lessons are your notice period. No resit is possible.


Scarlett Arts

Wednesday (Velp)
Thursday (Amsterdam)
Friday (Amsterdam)

Koen Schouten

Tuesday (Amsterdam)
Saturday (Amsterdam)

Koen studied cello with Jean Decroos. He conducted numerous orchestras, including 10 years of Amsterdam Sinfonietta. Beginner or advanced; every cellist is welcome at Koen to learn to play the cello.

Lotte Groot-cellodocent-AmsterdamLotte Groot-cellodocent-Amsterdam

Lotte Groot

Tuesday (Amsterdam)
Saturday (Amsterdam)

Lotte Groot learned to play the cello with Scarlett and Koen. She has been a cello teacher herself for several years now. Lotte plays from tango to Bach with her familiar smile!

Charlotte Brussee_Cellodocents bij Scarlett Arts Muziek_Amsterdam

Charlotte Brussee

Wednesday (Amsterdam)

With her radiant smile, Charlotte is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher. She herself plays in the Van Gogh Trio and is principal cellist of the Ricciotti Ensemble.

My studio is located on the Haparandaweg 788A on the ground floor opposite a huge number 67. Do you have any questions? Rest assured!


Frequently asked questions

Are the lessons individual?

Yes the cello lessons are always individual.

How long does a lesson last?

A cello lesson for pupils aged about 16 years and over takes one hour and is always individual. For children and adolescents the lesson will be shorter; I will discuss this with the parent after a trial lesson.  Those who come from far away also choose for an hour and a half of lessons. This is only possible in consultation because of the schedule.

What does a (trial) lesson cost?

That depends on who you’re with and where you’re planning a lesson.

    • I, Scarlett, teach on Thursdays (until 21.30) and Fridays and charge € 52.00 per hour. A trial lesson is € 47.00.


    • Koen teaches two Saturdays and Tuesdays a month and charges € 47.50, a trial lesson costs € 44.50.
    • Lotte teaches the other two Saturdays and charges € 37.50 because she has the least experience, and a trial lesson costs € 32.50.


Payments will be made online immediately after the scheduling of the cello lessons on 1 February 2020.

Scarlett and Koen have decades of experience as cello teachers, Lotte only a few years. That’s why Koen and Scarlett charge a higher rate for trial lessons and regular lessons. In Havelte the rate is also slightly lower than in Amsterdam (€ 47.50 for a regular lesson and € 42.50 for a trial lesson).

Is there a notice period?

Till December 31st 2019 the lessons will be taken per four. There is no refund for this, see the Terms and Conditions. From January 1, 2020 you take the lessons per piece and pay online or cash on class. So you are not attached to anything.

Do I have to come at a fixed time and weekly?

No you determine your own frequency and moment with me. However, if you are a beginner then I prefer to see you practically every week for the first 8 lessons. This to make a good motivating start. After that some people go back to bi-weekly lessons.

Can I reschedule or cancel my lesson?

Yes, that’s up to 72 hours in advance. You cannot delete the appointment in the calendar yourself. You can email your cancellation or rescheduling to

Do I have to be your student to rent a cello?

No. Anyone can rent a cello from me. However, for non-pupils I charge a little more, i.e. € 35,00 per month, and my pupils rent per month, non-pupils per three months.

On what days can I make an appointment?

In Amsterdam on Thursday or Friday with me, Scarlett, and on Wednesday in Havelte, Drenthe.

In Amsterdam you can be helped on Saturdays by my colleagues Lotte or Koen.

Can I move my own lesson?

No, Scarlett does. You can email your cancellation or relocation to

Can you learn to play the cello later in life?

Sure! Most starters are over thirty, and regularly over fifty.

It has happened more than once that someone without any experience came to me to pick a cello, and after that also took the first cello lessons with me, and kept coming to lessons for years.

How much does a cello cost?

Cello’s come in many qualities and varieties. It starts a bit at € 1.699,00 but then there are often nice new strings, a stick and cover.  A beautiful old cello which is in good condition can often be found between € 3.900,00 and € 6.900,00. For the old small whole and 7/8e cello’s in which I have become a bit of a specialist, there are higher prices; these are very rare and think of € 6.500,00 to € 9.000,00.

Can I also buy a cello on installments?

Yes. This is possible. You can then divide the purchase amount by twelve and complete the purchase in the twelfth month.

Can I exchange my cello?

When you buy a cello from me you can exchange it for the same amount and continue to grow to a better cello again. This on the condition that the instrument is in the same condition as when you bought it. Customers often come back three times, start on one simple cello and end up with a beautiful cello by Marc Laberte or Atelier Robin, to name but a few beautiful builders. This is a granite price guarantee.

Haparandaweg 788A
1013 BD Amsterdam (Houthavens)

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