General Terms and Conditions for cello lessons at Scarlett Arts, Lotte and Koen

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Best students, I would like to offer you my terms and conditions online. If you come or stay with me, Lotte or Koen, you agree to these terms and conditions. Of course I can be reached for an explanation if desired.

Lessons will be paid directly online as of February 1, 2020 after scheduling. Consider the purchased lessons as your notice period. When you stop planning lessons there is no payment or lesson obligation anymore. There is no right to a refund of purchased lessons. You can always decide whether or not you want to continue with the cello lessons. If you stop planning, your lessons will stop after your last scheduled lesson. 

Cello rent
The cello tenant pays the cello rent by means of an automatic bank transfer activated by him or her. The rent starts on the day you have received the cello.

For workshops and celloweekend or five-day summer course, no refund is possible after payment. When you give yourself up I am counting on your participation. If an activity does not take place on my part, everything will be 100% refunded.

Digital calendar
Pupils draw their lessons online in the Agenda. I rarely make an exception to this, but should it ever happen that I sign you up at your request, you’ll need to check the date and time of my scheduled class for yourself. I will use the date and time that I entered as correct, and if something has gone wrong, missed lessons will be for the account of the student. Koen, Lotte and I reserve the right to sometimes replace each other without notice. You agree to this if you come to take lessons with us.

Due to the hustle and bustle in my practice I advise students to plan their lessons far enough ahead. When you subscribe to my Cello blog and you are my student you will get a message every month that the calendar will open one more month. You as a student are responsible for your own lesson planning. You can plan months in advance to reserve the day and time of your preference. If you do not want to plan ahead or register too late, you are responsible for lack of continuity in your lessons. Of course I will think along with you to make sure everything runs smoothly, and I am always available for consultation.

Cello lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled by the student up to 72 hours in advance. That is three full days in advance. If you cancel your lesson on time it does not count as a lesson taken but you keep it too good. After deleting you will be asked when you want to come and my VA (Virtual Assistant) Annemarie or I will schedule you at the requested time and make it clear that the lesson has already been paid for in the administration. After that you can cancel your lesson, but unfortunately I have to charge you for the lesson. The lesson will also be calculated when you are unable to come due to sudden illness, traffic jams, wrongly noted day and/or time, not finding a parking space or for any other reason. If you want to move your lesson before 72 hours before the cello lesson starts, please let me know by e-mail, app or sms so I can read it back. I will then remove you from the schedule.

If the student is not present 15 minutes after the start of the lesson and does not tell me what time he or she expects to arrive, I assume that the lesson will not be taken. I reserve the right to leave my classroom without an informative message from the student after 15 minutes of waiting or to ask another student to come (earlier) to lessons.

When you rent a cello from me, you have a cello on loan from me which you have to insure yourself. You can do this through your own insurance agent or through an instrument insurance, for example with your regular insurer or Firma Blom on the Nieuwe Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The retail value of the instruments and strings varies from the set you have chosen from 24 December 2019. The rent is 2% of the set value. You are responsible for returning the instruments and strings in good condition.

General Terms and Conditions for cello lessons with Scarlett Arts

Dear students, hereby I would like to provide you with an online copy of the General Terms and Conditions. If, after reading these General Terms and Conditions, you decide to take lessons with me or to continue your lessons with me, you agree to these terms and conditions. Of course I am available to provide you with any clarifications if required.

Online Agenda
From Februari 1, 2020 you pay a lesson online when you sign in in my calendar.  When you want to stop your cello lessons, stop planning, and when the last lesson is taken, we say goodbye.

Students who take their lessons in Amsterdam and Havelte, are required to schedule their lessons themselves online through the online Agenda. I seldomly make exceptions to this.

Due to the large number of students, I advise my students to schedule their lessons well ahead of time. If this advice is not taken, you might not be able to take lessons frequently. As the student you yourself are responsible for the scheduling of your lessons. The online schedule allows you to plan months ahead to make sure you have reserved the day and time of your own preference. If you are not willing to schedule lessons in advance, or if you are too late, you yourself are responsible for the lack of continuity in your lessons. Of course I will always think along with you to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction, and I am always available for consultation.

Students are able to reschedule their lessons up to 72 hours before the scheduled lesson. After this, you can still cancel your lesson, but I am then obliged to charge you for the lesson. You are also charged for a lesson if you are unable to make it to the studio because of illness, difficulties with transportation (including traffic jams and not being able to find a parking spot), mistakes regarding the day or time of the lesson or for any other reason whatsoever. Please do not ask me to make any exceptions to this. If you would like to reschedule your lesson, please let me know in written form (via email, WhatsApp or text message) so that I have a written account of the change to refer back to. After your request to reschedule, I will delete the original lesson from the online schedule.

When a student does not show within 15 minutes of the start time of the lesson, and fails to let me know when he or she expects to arrive, I assume that the student is not taking the lesson. Without a clear message from the student and after said 15 minutes have passed, I reserve the right to leave my studio or ask another student to come in early for their lesson.

If you rent a cello from me, you have one of my cellos on loan, you are responsible for its insurance.

Instruments are only insured when an insurance for instruments is taken out. You can take out such insurance from your own insurance company or from Firma Blom, located at the Nieuwe Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The retail value of the instruments and strings depend on the set you have chosen to rent after 24. 12 2019. You are responsible for returning the cello in good condition. Any damage must be paid for by you, the renter. Please note! When the cello is in its case or cover, always carry it by the two backstraps, not by just one. The construction of the case or cover is designed to have it carried by two straps.  Any repairs are made at my request by a luthier of my choice. Strings can break. Strings that you accidentally break yourself, e.g. by turning the pegs or tuning, are for your own expense. Please be careful with the cello. If you would like to terminate the contract for the rental cello, it is not sufficient to just let me know this. Only after the rental cello has been returned to my studio can the contract be terminated. Therefore, if you would like to terminate the contract, please return the cello.

Financial administration
In the case of unpaid invoices or instruments that are not returned in spite of an agreement to do so, a lot of extra administrative time goes into establishing contact with the student. The renter or user of the rental cello must return the instrument; I will not collect the cello myself. Students are responsible for informing me of any changes in their personal information, such as a new telephone number, new email address, new home address, etc. Administrative time may include the following: repeatedly sending out emails or calling, looking for personal contact information on the internet, and getting in touch with the employer or family of the renter/student to establish contact with them. I am obliged to charge you for these efforts. As soon as this is the case, I will notify the student or renter of this via email or text message. If the sent messages are not read because the provided information is no longer correct, the student or renter is in default.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the next lesson,

Bye bye Scarlett!

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1013 BD Amsterdam (Houthavens)

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